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Flyer for Wings of Hope for Pancreatic Cancer Research 2014 Event


2/11/14 - WALT IMHOFF, In Memoriam

With deep sadness we mourn the loss of Walt Imhoff, Denver financier and philanthropist, and first donor/supporter of WINGS OF HOPE FOR PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH.

Walt Imhoff was the first person I reached out to when WINGS OF HOPE was formed. His beloved wife Georgia had lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, and in sharing my own losses to this relentless disease with him, we forged a friendship built on shared grief and a passion to fight back in whatever way we could.

In that first meeting several years ago, Walt Imhoff not only shared his support for WINGS OF HOPE, but his tears as well for all he lost to this disease.

In loving memory of Walt Imhoff and all those impacted by pancreatic cancer, our efforts continue on stronger than ever to fund the pancreatic cancer research ongoing at CU Cancer Center - Anschutz Medical Campus.

Maureen A. Shul

Mark Kochevar and Maureen Shul

Stacy Ohlsson, Brian Shul, Betsy Hogan and Walt Imhoff at 2013 WINGS OF HOPE event

1/30/14 -University of Colorado Lone Tree Clinic presentation on pancreatic cancer details, click on EVENTS.

1/7/14 - In an exciting breakthrough, British scientists have uncovered a treatment for pancreatic cancer that shows pancreatic cancer cells killed in just 6 days. The new drug, which is also a part of the ongoing research at CU Cancer Center, shows virtually all tumors wiped out within 6 days - the first time this has been achieved in pancreatic cancer research. To read the full article go to the ONGOING RESEARCH page or click here.

WINGS OF HOPE presents $45,000 donation for pancreatic cancer research to the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

The July 26th presentation, attended by board members and supporters of WINGS OF HOPE, as well as UCCC staff, included Dr. Colin Weekes providing an update on the latest developments in pancreatic cancer research. The WINGS OF HOPE donation will be used to support a human-patient derived xenograft model to help determine the genetic characteristics of a patient's tumor and to develop molecular-based therapeutic strategies encompassing biomarker development.

WINGS OF HOPE founder Maureen Shul expressed gratitude to all those who made the donation possible through their generous support of the foundation and made it known that plans are underway for upcoming events.

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Mark Kochevar and Maureen Shul

University of Colorado Cancer Center Administrator Mark Kochevar accepting $45,000 donation from Maureen Shul

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WINGS OF HOPE for PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH was formed in February 2012 by Maureen A. Shul after losing her mother and brother within months of one another to pancreatic cancer. The non-profit foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for the ongoing research, clinical trials and treatment of pancreatic cancer patients at the Pancreatic Cancer Research Program at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

The Shul Family

The Shul Family

Pancreatic cancer is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Of the most commonly diagnosed cancers, pancreatic cancer is the only one with a five-year relative survival rate in the single digits, at just 6 percent. This survival rate has not changed in the last 40 years.

By 2020 it is anticipated pancreatic cancer will rise from the fourth to the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. (based on projected changes in U.S. population demographics and incidence of death rates).

With no early detection tools, effective treatments or adequate funding for research, the rapidly rising threat of pancreatic cancer urgently demands an increase in awareness and research funding.


Founded out of grief, driven by purpose and in pursuit of making a difference, WINGS OF HOPE for PANCREATIC CANCER RESEARCH is dedicated to
  - Accelerating the research
  - Providing the most advanced treatments
  - Finding the cure

CU Med Center doctors

Thomas Purcell, MD, MBA, University of Colorado Cancer Center